The CBD industry is gaining momentum as more and more benefits of this miraculous compound are being revealed. The product is being sold in many forms, including CBD mouth sprays, tinctures, lotions, gummies, CBD oil, and CBD extract. It is estimated that the United States CBD industry will hit $16 million by 2025.

Cannabis oil is by far the most common and quick way of consuming CBD. CBD oil is acquired by extracting CBD from Cannabis Sativa; then, the extract is diluted by mixing it with a carrier oil such as coconut or hemp oil. Different brands use different flavors to enhance their product’s taste, and you can find the best quality CBD oil for both pets and humans easily in the market today.

CBD oil is used for reducing anxiety, stress, dealing with pain and inflammation, treat insomnia, control seizures, stimulate appetite, and the list goes on. Although CBD comes from the same plant that produces marijuana, it does not create a high feeling or any other form of intoxication. 

How CBD Oil Benefits You?

CBD oil works through the brain receptors and activates certain receptors capable of dealing with pain, anxiety, and distress. According to research, CBD content within the oil indirectly stimulates the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the brain to produce more cannabinoids of its own. It is believed that CBD influences opioid receptors to regulate pain and also boosts glycine receptors that control mood swings. 

In light of research, let’s see how CBD oil has the potential to make you well and support you in feeling healthy and lively.

CBD Oil Helps in Relieving Stress

These days every other person is suffering from anxiety and depression. Many people prefer CBD to help alleviate anxiety symptoms naturally. One study published in the journal Neurotherapeutics in 2015 claimed that CBD treats anxiety disorder to a significant extent.

To research the anxiolytic effects of CBD, a study was carried out by the Brazilian Journal of Psychiatry in 2019. A group of 57 men was given CBD oil in varying doses before a public-speaking event. The investigators noticed that men given 300mg of CBD oil showed fewer signs of anxiety.

In some animal studies, it was seen that CBD oil can decrease anxiety by;

  • Reducing stress.
  • Dealing with post-traumatic disorder.
  • Decrease physiological effects of anxiety, such as increase heartbeat.

As compared to THC, CBD responds differently to the brain. It often reacts as an agonist and triggers a positive response when binding with the endocannabinoid receptors. It is assumed that even low doses of CBD help in maintaining the homeostasis of the body.

Provide Support to Cancer Patients

Cancer is one of the most painful diseases, and often patients are unable to bear the suffering even with the pain-medication. CBD possesses anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that can help patients fight cancer symptoms, including nausea, discomfort, and pain. The use of CBD has shown promising results in dropping the growth of cancer cells and can cause these cells to self-destruct at a certain level.

To understand the effect of CBD on cancer patients, 177 patients were given CBD combined with THC during a medical study. It was observed that patients given an extract of both compounds experienced a reduction in their pain compared to the patients who were only given THC.

CBD has been found helpful in dealing with several cancer diseases, including:

  • Glioma
  • Lung cancer
  • Breast cancer
  • Colon cancer
  • Prostate cancer
  • Skin tumors

CBD also has the potential to suppress chemotherapy side-effects. Patients undergoing chemotherapy found relief from nausea and vomiting on taking CBD oil.

Help You Maintain A Healthy Heart

CBD has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which can help the heart patient by lowering down high blood pressure. High blood pressure is connected to many heart diseases, including stroke, heart attack, and metabolic syndrome. A study on this matter revealed that CBD oil reduced resting systolic blood pressure in men who were given a 600mg dose of CBD oil. 

Moreover, animal studies show that CBD can help reduce inflammation and cell death related to heart diseases, thanks to its powerful antioxidant and stress-relieving properties.

May Have Neuroprotective Properties

The center of undergoing CBD research is its effect on the body’s endocannabinoid system. Experts believe that the interaction of CBD with ECD can provide treatment for various neurological disorders. CBD oil may help deal with Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease, epilepsy, and other brain-related diseases.

Sativex, an oral spray containing a mix of both THC and CBD, was found useful in reducing muscle spasticity in individuals suffering from multiple sclerosis. In a study, 214  multiple sclerosis patients were given 0.9-2.5 grams of CBD oil according to their body weight. Researchers observed a noticeable decline in seizures. 

Can Treat Your Acne Problems

CBD oil also has the potential to reduce inflammation in the entire body that can further treat many acne problems. 

According to one study published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, it was published that CBD oil prevents the sebaceous gland from secreting excessive sebum. Sebum is a naturally oily substance that hydrates the skin, but excessive sebum can lead to acne problems. 

Best for Reducing Pain

Managing pain becomes quite easy, with a little dose of CBD oil. CBD targets the pain receptors in the brain, helping people overcome pain and discomfort significantly. It reduces chronic pain by affecting the endocannabinoid system, reduces inflammation, and interacts with the brain’s neurotransmitters. 

When combined with THC, CBD is even more effective in reducing pain for diseases, including multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and can also reduce inflammation.

What Are the Side effects of CBD Oil?

Using CBD oil is considered highly safe by medical authorities, but it may cause different side effects in different people. The possible side effects include diarrhea, fatigue, mood swings, and changes in appetite. If you are taking any medication, then consuming CBD oil simultaneously may create an adverse effect. So, it’s best to consult a physician before using CBD. 

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