Quite recently, CBD has come into the limelight as a cure for many physical and psychological issues. Researchers around the world have proven that cannabis-derived products such as CBD oil may be game-changers in the health sector, especially in the anxiety and depression areas.

The best part is that it does not get you high.

But wait – is CBD even legal to use? Let’s find out:

World Wide CBD Legal Status

Generally speaking, cannabis is illegal around the globe (in most regions), and its possession or use may get you into serious trouble, but CBD oil extracted from hemp is legal in most countries.

Despite being legal, most countries do not allow everyone to grow or trade CBD products, and the laws are, of course, ever-changing.

CBD Legal Status In Europe

European Union (EU) is mostly responsible for setting out laws regarding the use and sale of cannabis or CBD. However, every country is allowed to set its levels of tolerance and decide punishment regarding the use.

  • CBDis strictly illegal in European countries like Albania, Belarus, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Denmark, and Iceland. The law enforcement authorities in these countries do not consider cannabis or CBD as different entities. 
  • CBD oil or other CBD products are categorized as a medicine in certain European countries such as Finland, Germany, Malta, Portugal, Belgium, and Austria. This means that you must have a prescription from a medical professional for its possession. Other cannabis products, however, are strictly illegal in these countries.
  • Countries like Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czechia, Estonia, France, and Greece allow the use of CBD products as long as they do not exceed the permissible amount of THC present in them. In fact, you can also travel to some of these places with CBD sold in the UK. 

CBD Legal Status In America

America’s federal laws allow cultivation, transportation, and sale of CBD that contains less than 0.3% THC. However, individual states get to decide what happens within their borders.

  • Green States

They allow the use of cannabis for both recreational and medical purposes. Therefore CBD products are also completely legal in these areas.

  • Amber States

These states allow the use of CBD but only for medical purposes and that also with a medical prescription. Any use of CBD oil, however, is strictly not allowed.

  • Amber – Red States

The laws here declare cannabis as illegal for recreational or medical purposes. CBD oil is allowed in special circumstances, only if the percentage of THC present is lower than 0.3%.

  • Red States

All CBD products are completely illegal here.

Bottom Line

Allowance of CBD around the globe is as diversified as the planet itself. So always remember, do not travel to a country with CBD if you are unaware of the regulations there.

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