Cannabidiol (popularly known as CBD) is a king of treating several health issues without having any side effects. Being a non-psychoactive drug, CBD has impressed the doctors, users, and researchers all at once. If you wish to know the best methods for consuming CBD oil, I would assume that you already are aware of its long list of benefits and advantages. Now, you wish to know how often to take CBD oil for the best results.  

As there are many CBD products available in the market, it becomes quite confusing for the users to identify the right dose and frequency of CBD oil for treating their conditions, giving rise to questions like how much CBD should I take, how often to take CBD oil, best time of day to take CBD oil are common. 

So to put an end to your confusion, we have explained the answer in detail below.

Method Of Consumption

CBD comes in various forms, and all the forms react differently to the body. The way they are taken and absorbed affects their reaction in treating the symptoms. 

Some of the CBD forms are as follows:

  • Sublingual Oils and tinctures
  • CBD capsules (with oil) and pills
  • Vapes
  • CBD topical lotions and creams
  • CBD edibles

All the products contain a different quantity of doses. CBD oils contain 1mg per drop, whereas gummies contain 5mg per gummy. So to get the best results, it is necessary to understand the concentration of CBD in a product.

Necessary Factors 

Other necessary factors to keep in mind before consuming CBD are your overall body weight and your body’s tendency to cope with the drug. Some might feel relieved after a small dose only, and some might require a high dose of CBD oil to get the same result.

CBD is not supervised by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), so no fixed dosages are available to treat any symptoms. The key to success here is experimentation only. Therefore, the experts advise to start with a low dosage, see the effects and stick to the dose or build it up to the one that suits you.

How Often To Take CBD Oil?

As there is no exact dosage of CBD oil to consume, there is no exact schedule to follow or the best time of day to take CBD oil. A person may take it daily with their other medications to maintain a certain level of CBD in the body, but one can also take it to treat a specific symptom when needed. Your basic target should be the reason you are taking it and observe its reaction for future use.

  • Some people take 10 to 20 mg once or twice a day, but for starters and especially if you are treating a minor medical complication, then a small quantity of CBD will work very well for you. 
  • You can take CBD oil in the morning, along with other supplements/medications, and with coffee or breakfast. You can also take CBD in the evening with dinner or right before going to bed. 
  • It is also vital to know how long does CBD oil last for you. If you find the effects lasting all day, then just a 1-morning dose might be enough for you. However, if the results are the opposite, you can take 2 doses a day, but it all depends on CBD’s percentage in the product and your body.

Right Dosage of CBD Oil

Figuring out the right dosage might be challenging for some. The best way to deal with CBD consumption is to consult a doctor first. Discuss your symptoms, possible side effects of the drug, and follow the given prescription by the doctor.  

If somehow you cannot get medical guidance on this matter, the ideal way is to start with the lowest dose of 20 or 40mg and then increase the dose slowly and gradually. 

According to a medical review, human cope pretty well even with the 1500mg of CBD a day. However, starting on a big dose can leave some with diarrhea, fatigue, changes in appetite, and weight in the beginning.

Your weight, body metabolism, amount consumed, and the quality of CBD oil taken should be considered with extreme care and vigilance to determine the frequency and how to take CBD oil.


To cure a mild symptom in a 5 to 10kg person, 4 to 5mg of CBD will work well. For a 10-20kg bodyweight, the user will need 6mg of the same CBD, and for a 70-110kg weight, one will need 18mg of CBD oil to cure a mild symptom. Here we observe that as the weight of a person increases, the quantity of CBD also increases.

The severity of the symptom

If a person weighs 40 to 70kg and needs to treat a medium-range symptom, he would need 15mg of CBD oil, but if he is targeting a severe symptom, he will need a much larger amount of CBD of around 18 to 20 mg. To treat a more severe symptom, more concentration of CBD will be required. 

Opted Method

If you choose to take the CBD oil in the form of capsules, it will take longer to get absorbed in your bloodstream and show its results, whereas the sublingual method will show its result in just minutes. On the other hand, if you have to treat a skin problem, you can apply CBD oil frequently as required.


The amount of CBD mentioned on the product refers to the milligrams of CBD in it. An increase in the percentage means an increase in the concentration of CBD in the product. For example, 2.5% of CBD oil contains 250mg of CBD, whereas 4% means 4,00mg of the CBD oil in the product.

When to Take CBD Oil?

CBD oil has a lot to offer to its consumers only if consumed in the right quantity and in the right way. If a person goes wrong in selecting a single thing mentioned above, you may find the product ineffective. Much research is available on the right dosage for public awareness, but the best amount will be the one that your personal effects will determine after experimentation.

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