Being new in this world of CBD, it can be a little confusing as to what extent you need or can consume a Cannabidiol product like CBD oil and which type of CBD product will benefit you the most. To answer all your queries, we will evaluate every aspect of Cannabidiol including its benefits, its dosages, safety measures, side effects, and much more.  

Before understanding the amount of CBD one should take, let’s first understand what is CBD and why it has becomes so popular by stealing the spotlight as an amazing health benefactor.  

What Is CBD?

Cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD, is one of the many components known as cannabinoids derived from the cannabis plant. The factor contributing to its widespread popularity is that it can provide a soothing and relaxing effect without making a person go high

Yes, you have read it right. CBD’s power is such that unlike its cousin Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), another most important component found in the cannabis plant, it does not make person get high. This has increased its importance as a drug that can help to reduce the pain and suffering of a person.

Benefits Of CBD 

Being a relatively new drug under the limelight, a lot of research is still required to fully analyze CBD benefits. However, there are some promising benefits of this compound are improving sleep patterns, curing depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders such as epilepsy. 

The spectrum of treating diseases by Cannabidiol is generally quite vast. It has been reported to help soothe pain and inflammatory diseases. CBD oil can also help in comforting:  

  • Heart patients 
  • Cancer people along with their conventional treatments 
  • Insomnia and sleep disorders 
  • Nausea and infections. 

The Average Dose Of CBD 

Deciding on an exact dosage of Cannabidiol is much more complex, which most consumers may not realize. No matter what health benefits you are trying to extract from CBD, the right dosage is the key to fruitful results, or it may not work or cause side effects. Also, the quality of CBD oil you are using is a determining factor.  

Here is a general guideline for consuming CBD oil:

  • Most users take around 20 – 40 mg per dose. 
  • The dosage can be as low as 1mg or can go as high as 100mg. 
  • The best quality CBD will produce the effects within just a few drops (around 1mg).  
  • Human studies have also used dosages around 1,500 milligrams (mg) per day.

Factors To Consider Before Consuming CBD  

There is a need to consider various factors before diving into consuming CBD.

Body Mass 

Each person responds differently to the dosages. Two persons with identical body mass may interact quite differently with Cannabidiol. One may find just a few milligrams as their ideal dose, whereas the other might take as much as 100mg.

While dealing with CBD, it is advised to start from the minimum dose of 25mg every day. Then start increasing the quantity gradually by just 5mg after a week and so on. If it does not show any side effects, then continue increasing the dosage and, once it shows irritation or discomfort, then move to the last suitable dosage consumed.

It is advised to keep the exact notes of the amount consumed. 

The Severity Of The Disease: 

The amount of CBD that needs to be consumed also depends on the condition you are focusing on treating. Some conditions can be alleviated through low strength CBD whereas only the severe ones will need a strong high dosage of Cannabidiol to give desirable results.  

For example, to cure anxiety, arthritis, or other chronic pains, medium to high dosage will be enough. Whereas cancer patients will require an even higher dosage of CBD.  

Ways Of Consuming CBD: 

There are various ways to consume CBD, such as smoking, vape, CBD oil, drinks, candies, gummies, creams, lotions, ointments, and capsules. Where most CBD gummies provide about 5 mg per gummy, oils and tinctures carry around 1 mg per drop.

Vapes and smoking are the best ways to get CBD in your system directly, and it will have an instant effect on your body. However, smoking can affect your respiratory system. In the case of CBD oil, drinks, and other eatable CBD products, Cannabidiol gets absorbed through your digestive system. This takes relatively more time to show its effects, with an onset time of around 2 hours.

  • Sensitivity To The Product 

The sensitivity to the product varies from person to person. Some people have reported less effect as compare to others. A sensitive person will feel better even after a small dose. While a less sensitive person will require a high dose to attain the desired relief and benefits. 

  • Age & Body Chemistry  

A young man, child, or an aged person all will require different quantities of CBD oil to treat their conditions. The age, gender, weight, and health condition of a person should be considered carefully; otherwise, a lower dosage will not cure the issue, or the high dosages can give possible side effects of fatigue, changes in appetite, and weight.

CBD Dosage Calculator  

Considering a lot of vastly varied factors, it becomes quite difficult to opt for the right amount of CBD due to different formulations and a person’s overall health conditions. 

It is advised to take assistance from the various online dosage calculators easily available online. They may not be 100% accurate, but they will surely guide the person in their initial stage of dealing with Cannabidiol products such as CBD oil

Professional Advice 

Even after the in-depth research, it is still highly advised to seek professional advice from a physician related to the amount of dosage required. Especially when a person is already being treated with other medications.  

A person must also read the product label and any literature provided with the product carefully as every brand provides a dosage chart for users’ convenience.

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