Have you been looking around for easy ways to burn all that extra fat on your body? Losing unwanted calories and giving your body a smart, lean look is what everyone desires the most. Along with a balanced diet, some routine workout, and a little dose of CBD oil for weight loss, you can make your task achievable in a short period.

Since CBD’s discovery, the cannabinoid from the hemp Sativa plant has exhibited vast medical and health benefits. Although research is still needed to be done on this chemical compound, recent medical studies suggest that CBD can be used as a weight loss remedy.

So, let’s take a deeper look at how does CBD oil help with weight loss and burn that stubborn fat on your body.

How Slow Metabolism Affects Weight Loss?

Metabolism plays a crucial role in helping you lose weight since a body’s metabolism breakdowns all the food and then convert into energy. The faster the metabolism works, the more and faster calories will be burned without allowing any fat to get accumulated in the body. 

An active metabolism is needed to give you a healthy, strong body. Slow metabolism also leads to various severe illnesses such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, high sugar level, heart, and chronic diseases.

Relationship between CBD and Weight Loss

Humans have a naturally built endocannabinoid system (ECD) in the body. This system produces cannabinoids, which further stimulates CB1, and CB2 receptors spread throughout the body. Where CB1 receptors are found in the central nervous system of the brain, CB2 receptors are widely stretched out in the entire body. This endocannabinoid system controls appetite, food intake, maintains the homeostasis of the body, and regulates the human body’s metabolism.

CB1 receptors become more prevalent in people suffering from obesity, specifically in fatty tissues. 

  • Research shows that CBD can indirectly influence CB1 receptors and help obese people control and maintain weight. 
  • Besides helping people cope with obesity, CBD enables you to endure several aspects of being obese. To lose extra weight as quickly as possible, people often throw themselves in endless exercises and might even go into depression during this whole process.

With its anti-depressant, anxiety, and pain relief properties, CBD can provide you comfort from depression, stress, and even soothe your pain from all that exercise you have been doing. So, CBD oil can be your comprehensive solution to make your weight loss journey an ultimate success. 

Ways in Which CBD Can Assist You in Losing Weight

CBD is often used as a food depressant, meaning that it reduces your appetite, forcing your body to turn towards fat cells as a source of energy. Breaking down these fat cells to gain energy will help you lose calories and achieve the body that you desperately desire. 

Besides reducing your food intake, CBD also regulates the nature of genes and proteins involved in the process of Lipogenesis and fat cell generation. 

How further can CBD benefit in losing weight and help you to become a healthy person? The study and research compiled below will give you a better idea about this issue.

CBD Reduces Appetite

Many people find it very difficult to limit their food intake even when they are on a strict diet. Food is love for some people, and saying no to a meal is pretty hard for them. In that case, CBD can help you control your appetite. So, how does CBD affect appetite?

The two compounds abundantly found in Cannabis Sativa include THC and CBD. Where tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) being a psychoactive compound causes hunger, CBD has the exact opposite nature. According to research, THC stimulates CB1 receptors, which cause you to eat more. 

Now, CBD does not directly influence CB1 receptors, but it implicitly blocks the receptors that stimulate eating. In 2018 a study, CBD was found to work as an appetite suppressant. 

CBD Burns Down Fat

In a study, it was concluded that CBD can break down excess fat and turn it into energy. 

Our body contains two types of cells white fat cells and brown fat cells. The body stores excess energy in white cells. When a person workouts to burn calories, the fat white cells come to action. The body starts converting fat white cells into brown fat cells

Taking CBD oil for weight loss helps you break down more white cells and reduce fat stored within the body. A 2016 study further supports this claim.

CBD Affects Energy Homeostasis 

By balanced energy homeostasis, we mean that your calorie intake and calories burned are going side by side. To lose weight faster, you need to disturb that balance, which means that the ratio of calories burned should be more as compared to the calorie intake. CBD has anti-obesity effects, which can make your weight loss process a lot simpler. 

A 2017 review given by the NOVA institute analyzed the versatile effects of CBD. It was seen that CBD increases the number and activity of mitochondria. This allows the body to burn more calories and disturbs the homeostasis balance within the body.

Other Benefits Of Using CBD For Weight Loss

Other benefits of using CBD for weight loss include the following:

  • It supports optimal hormone function.
  • CBD oil normalizes insulin levels to further promote fat burning.
  • It reduces inflammation and other digestive disorders.
  • Decreases the risk of metabolic disorders.

CBD for Weight Loss: Final Thoughts

So, now you know all about CBD weight loss.

CBD oil and other CBD products have a profound effect on human health. The conclusive evidence suggests that CBD can play a positive role in treating obesity and reducing weight without any side effects.

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