Carrying a baby and facing discomfort, stress, and anxiety along the way is a natural way of reaching motherhood. But these days, pregnant women are reclining more towards a natural product that is sure to smooth their pain during the whole pregnancy process. CBD and pregnancy are becoming more and more prevalent, but is that a good thing?

The product under consideration is none other than CBD oil. Due to its substantial therapeutic effects, CBD and products containing CBD have gained stardom within a short period. Today, CBD oil is widely used as a quick remedy for stress, pain and inflammation, anxiety, insomnia, and even for acne-related problems.  

But to all the moms-to-be, before you head out to consume any sort of CBD products, equipped yourself with proper research on this matter as you don’t want to put your newborn’s life at risk.

So, what is CBD oil? Is using CBD legal? What effects CBD oil can have on your unborn child? Do experts and research suggest going for CBD during pregnancy

Let’s move on further to find out.

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD belongs to the vast cannabinoid family that consists of more than 100 chemical compounds naturally found within the Cannabis Sativa plant. Unlike its fellow cannabinoid THC that can get you high, CBD is a non-intoxicated compound along with a wide range of medical benefits. 

For that reason, CBD is extracted from the Cannabis plant, and the essence, when mixed with neutral (usually edible oil), produces CBD oil

Benefits Of CBD Oil

CBD oil has become quite popular among people due to its underlining medical properties. It is used as a natural health remedy for multiple illnesses, including: 

  • Stress, 
  • Anxiety 
  • Insomnia 
  • Pain and chronic inflammation. 

Along with these minor ailments, it gives a boost to the immune system while also boosting neuroprotective properties and has the potential to treat severe disorders, including epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s disease.

Why Pregnant Women Get Fascinated With The Idea Of Using Cbd Oil?

During pregnancy, a woman undergoes physical changes together with enduring pain and distress during the entire gestation period. Looking at the medical benefits of CBD, many pregnant women develop a strong urge towards the idea of using CBD oil to manage some of the symptoms. 

  • Pregnant women face a lack of sleep issues during pregnancy, and since CBD has the power to treat insomnia, expecting mommies feel the need to give it a try.
  • Pain is the constant companion of pregnant women. CBD is highly famous for its pain-relieving effect, and so pregnant women are tempted to try CBD oil to gain relief from pain and distress.
  • Feeling nauseated in the early stages of pregnancy is a common thing. However, constant vomiting may leave a pregnant lady dehydrated and malnourished. Since CBD boosts serotonin receptors and controls vomiting, women find it hard to resist it.

Is It Safe To Use CBD Oil During Pregnancy?

With all the great benefits of CBD, the question remains:: “Is it safe to use to CBD oil when pregnant?”

There is no concrete research on this matter. We know that using CBD oil for treating multiple conditions has shown positive results. However, we do not have enough data and conclusive study on whether or not it is safe to use CBD oil during pregnancy

Anecdotal evidence is all about using CBD oil during pregnancy, but medical experts’ opinion differs.

Since CBD is a by-product of the marijuana plant and contains trace amounts of THC, gynecologist advice to avoid using it during pregnancy. According to the American College Of Obstetrics And Gynaecologists (ACOG), using marijuana and its by-products may cause health complications to the new-born baby. They also claim that THC can travel down through the placenta and can adversely affect the fetus.

Besides ACOG, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), The U.S Surgeon General Offices, and the FDA are against the use of CBD products when pregnant for now.

  • The potential effects of CBD oil on pregnancy

Due to the lack of research on pregnant women using CBD, medics don’t approve going for it while pregnant. Although it may have helped a few pregnant women cope with the pregnancy symptoms without harming the baby, medical research is scarce on this matter. 

CBD products containing 0.3% of THC has been made legal by the Federal government. However, the FDA has not yet given a green signal to these products. Plus, what we know is THC can cause adverse reactions to the infant, including:

  • The baby may be stillborn or smaller in weight.
  • It can interrupt with normal development of the fetal brain.
  • It may result in premature birth.

Experts Opinion On Using CBD For Pregnant Women

Once again, it all comes back to the same scenario of not having any solid conclusive research on pregnancy and CBD oil. Due to this reason, many gynecologists and health care experts are against the usage of CBD products for pregnant women. 

When we talk about experts in this field, you will come across specialists belonging to two school-of-thoughts.

There is Dr. Stuart Titus, a Ph.D. who is in favor of using CBD during pregnancy. According to him, CBD boosts the neurogenesis process and aids in the development of brain cells.

Then there is James Lozada, an Ob/GYN, who is completely against including CBD oil in the diet while expecting a baby. He insists that CBD influences receptors that are primarily responsible for the brain development of the fetus. 

Dr. Talita L Burney agrees with Dr. James on this matter. She suggests that due to insufficient data on the oral consumption of CBD oil, it is better to avoid any negative outcomes.  

Final Thoughts

To conclude this entire issue, we would recommend you to consult a doctor before using CBD oil while pregnant. The gynecologist will advise you on the accurate dosage and analyze whether the product is suitable for you. Otherwise, the best way is to go for topical applications to avoid any negative outcomes.

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